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Wooden carvings-Table Top Vishnu Mask-Bust-Buy woodcarvings online

Table Top Vishnu Mask-woodencarved-Bust -Buy woodcarvings online

Mahavishnu (Devanāgarī : महाविष्णु) [Hari, Narayana] is a principal deity in Hinduism, known as the Absolute protector of the universe beyond human comprehension and all attributes. God of Preservation, The Protector of Good; Para Brahman, Supreme Being (Vaishnavism); Lord of the Devas; The controller of entire multiverse; The Lord of Reality, Karma restoration and Moksha Wood - Vagai wood Contact: Durairaj wood carvings- Sirpi.Durairaj Indian Government National Award recepient +91-9443553143 www.woodcarvings.online